Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate mom for Mother's Day? Donate to the Women's Fund, and help women in our community realize their dreams and support their families with a Women's Fund scholarship. We'll even send an acknowledgement to your mom, to let her know. (Pictured above: 2104 Trailblazer Alissa Quinn with her mother and daughter.)

Mother's Day is celebrated all around the world. Universally we recognize the importance of celebrating the special women who perform the miracle of birth and then nurture their children for a lifetime: our mothers. On Mother's Day we also celebrate other women who have been invaluable in our lives.

The Women's Fund of The Capital Region established an education program in 2010 that provides scholarships to financially insecure and non-traditional female students. Many of these students are mothers, and the impact of these scholarships is life changing for the women and their families. One recipient shared:

'I am a divorced single mother of two and was a victim of domestic violence. After escaping a very bad situation, my children and I moved in to live with my mother who is a retired school teacher... She provides us with a stable home and most importantly unwavering love and a sense of family... When I received confirmation of your scholarship, my mother and I were jumping for joy... Your donation of these funds has freed my family and I from a financial burden. Receiving this scholarship allows me to focus better on my studies, while being the best mother I can be.'


Some of this year's scholarship recipients

To date, thanks to your past support, we have changed the lives of 60 women, providing scholarships totaling $273,000. As we celebrate Mother's Day, we stop to reflect on how far we have come and how much more there is to do.

This is a great time to recognize your mother or another woman who has made an impact in your life by making a gift to the Women's Fund in her honor or memory. The woman you honor will receive a card acknowledging your gift, and your donation will directly support scholarships for women in our community. Together, we will continue to create change by investing in her.  You may donate online at https://www.cfgcr.org/secure-donations/wfcr/ .  Be sure to list your mom's name and address in the box labeled "Person(s) Name".

Thank you in advance for your invaluable support.

Paula Marshman                        Tricia Tauss
Co-Chairs, Women's Fund Steering Committee