March 1, 2013

Schenectady County Community College

The Women's Fund of the Capital Region hosted its first mentoring workshop at SCCC on Friday, March 1. The eleven women who participated made it an unforgettable afternoon. Many were first generation students and have already made post-graduation plans to continue their education, start their own business, and give back to the community. We had a bee keeper, a great grandmother, a paralegal, a nurse, a chef, a restauranteur, and a social worker, just to name a few. This workshop was open to female students aged 25 years and older.

03 01 01"Visualize Your Plan for Success", presented by Deb Best, from Deb Best Practices provided a hands-on and creative approach to identifying vision, mission, purpose, and core values. This was a FREE event where attendees:

  • Received great tips on how to live a balanced and successful life
  • Connected with potential professional mentors
  • Enjoyed a free lunch and have a great time

For many of the women, this was the first time they were able (or allowed) to actually contemplate their professional and personal goals and aspirations. The stories were humbling and sometimes heart-wrenching.

As table facilitators, members of the WF weren't expecting to be transported on such a deep level by these articulate, intelligent, and caring women. It was almost a role-reversal, yet so rewarding. As one WF volunteer said:

"So many women have these riches just waiting to pour out. It was an awesome event!"

Thank yous to:

  • CDTA (donated goodie bag)
  • SCCC Foundation Office
  • Prestige Catering (SCCC food service)
  • Judith Barnes (in-kind donation)
  • WF volunteers: Doris Chow, Vera Dordick, Paula Marshman, Nancy Szakats