May 21, 2013

We appreciate all those of you who came to this event. We especially appreciate those who decided to join us by filling out a volunteer form and donating to the Women’s Fund.

Here is a brief summary of the session:

Tricia Tauss, Steering Committee member, welcomed everyone and explained the vision and the accomplishments of the Women’s Fund:

Since 2006, the Women's Fund of the Capital Region has raised and given out over $273,150 in grants, scholarships and emergency funds- all with a focus on improving women’s lives in the Capital Region.

The Women’s Fund is collaboration between the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and the United Way of the Greater Capital Region with a strong, dedicated group of volunteer women who are passionate about helping other women. We are currently raising money to support the education of older women students returning to finish their degrees with scholarships at Hudson Valley and Schenectady County Community Colleges; an emergency fund at Schenectady County Community College to aid these female students in crisis – or to prevent a crisis – so they can continue their studies; and our new mentoring program to help them plan for their futures.

Paula Marshman, Steering Committee member and head of the Program Committee, then reported on the first mentoring workshops.

Visualize Your Plan for Success! a three hour workshop presented by Deb Best, took place at Hudson Valley and Schenectady County Community Colleges in March and April. 26 students attended and worked on defining their personal vision, developing that mission, defining their purpose and listing their core values. This resulted in a strategic plan for their future.
Here are some things these students did or learned at the workshops:

“I put into words what my vision for my future is and I am now working towards it.”

“I learned that I have the power to fulfill my dreams.”

Paula ended by saying that mentorship workshops are being planned for every semester.

Then women around the room who are already involved with the Women’s Fund shared why they support it:

“When I found out that over 20% of the women-headed households in my county live in poverty, I knew I wanted to help fix that problem.”

“I returned to finish my education after working for a number of years so I know how challenging it is.”

If you’d like to join us in helping women in the Capital Region achieve financial stability and independence, please visit our Volunteer page.